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How to get your cat to the vet:

You will need a pet carrier and we recommend using the Feliway spray product.

A week before the visit, place the carrier in the open and prop the door open.

Make the carrier an attractive place by putting in soft bedding, and placing treats in the carrier. You may also want to feed your cat here.  Training your cat to go in the carrier for treats will make it easier to get them in and close it the day of the vet visit!

Video on how to train your cat to go in the carrier:  Getting your cat into a carrier

Spray the carrier with Feliway daily

On the day of the visit, spray the carrier with Feliway then wait 15 minutes before putting your cat in it.  Spray a towel with Feliway and place it over your cat carrier to shield her from the strange and scary sights.  Some cats get car sick so covering the carrier helps this. You can play classical music in the car ride, this can help them be calmer during the car ride!

Make sure the cat carrier is on a flat surface during transport.  Most seats in cars tilt downward you can adjust this by rolling a towel & placing it on the back of the seat then when you put the carrier down on the seat it is flat instead of on a decline.

Once at the veterinary office, try to keep your cat elevated, off the ground and away from the other animals.

Leave the Feliway sprayed towel covering the carrier until your veterinarian is ready to exam your cat.

Cats feel safest in high places.  Once in the exam room place your cat carrier on the table and keep it covered.

If you feel your cat may still be stressed, please speak with your veterinarian about prescribing a medication that can help decrease your cats stress to make it a more pleasant experience.