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My pet must be fed grain free....

My pet will never eat by products....

Raw meat is the only way to feed my pet...

The world of pet nutrition has become very confusing - there are many different ideas on the best diet to feed your dog or cat. 

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association has 2 excellent links on dog and cat nutrition. Within both of these links are a further wealth of nutritional links. If you wish to delve deeper into the world of pet nutrition, please look at  these.

World Small Animal Veterinary Association - Dog Nutrition 

World Small Animal Veterinary Association - Cat Nutrition 

IAMS has put together some excellent information to help clear up many of the myths surrounding pet nutrition.

File NameDescription / Comment
3 Pet Food Label MythsUnderstanding marketing ploys
By-Products Deciphering Fact from FictionDispels some of the myths surrounding the use of by-products in pet food.
Corn in the Diet - Good or Bad?Recently there has been some controversy over the use of corn in pet foods.
Grain Free Diets Many diets are thought to be better because they are grain free - is this fact or fiction?
How many calories is a mouse?Comparison of how much kibble = 1 mouse
Nutrition FactsUnderstanding the Ingredient List
Pet Food Guessing GameWhat are you really feeding your pet?
Raw Meat DietsAre raw meat diets healthier? Please read this article before making a decision to feed your pet raw meat.